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About Me

Paballo Rampa


My name is Paballo Rampa. I am a healer, author, writing coach and podcaster. Some of the fun things I love to do include watercolour painting, building Lego sets, dancing and playing tennis. Oh and reading (although I suspect I may be addicted to buying books, yikes!)

I have published books. My children's book, 'Tumi Goes to the Park' (under Book Dash) was my first. My second was 'The Book of ProVerb' (under Penguin Randomhouse) which is a memoir about the life of a South African rapper, businessman, presenter and co-executive producer of Idols SA, named Tebogo Thekisho AKA ProVerb. I am working on more books and will share an update once I am ready. 

I am also a trained sangoma/ shaman and I offer the following readings for up to 30 minutes:

-Sangoma/ shaman: R950 (SA)/ $95 (Out of SA)

-Medium: R850 (SA)/ $85 (Out of SA)

-Prophesy: R800 (SA)/ $80 (Out of SA)

-Psychic: R750 (SA) / $75 (Out of SA)

A reading is for up to 30 minutes.

I deliver my readings truthfully and with love, compassion as well as understanding. It would be an honour for me to hold space for you, support you through what you are going through while connecting you to your ancestors/ guides.

You can book me here

If you'd like a customised package, please email pabi@paballorampa.com.

Why Was This Book Written?

Growing up, I wished I read books that were set in Africa and were about children who looked like me. Representation matters. It’s part of why I started writing and want to see more children read.

'Tumi Goes to the Park' was inspired by my niece, Keitumetse, who was a toddler at the time. She was loud, bold, brave and constantly being told to behave like a girl.

Through this book, I'd like to remind little girls that it’s okay to be fully themselves no matter what that looks like. I'd like little boys to know that too. There is no need to live according to society’s definition of what it expects you to be if that’s not in alignment with who you truly are.

Although I am from Johannesburg in South Africa, I want children all over the world to see that some parts of Africa have parks that children can play at.

I hope you noticed Tumi's mother's lovely hairstyle. The society I live in constantly judges women for their hairstyles and the message I'd like to share is women can wear their hair in any way they prefer. Their hairstyle is none of anyone's business! 

With all that said, I hope your little ones enjoy reading my book. 

Nandi absolutely loves this book and takes it with her everywhere. She was even reading it in the car on our way to school yesterday. 

Mum in Johannesburg

My nephew, Asante, loves this book.

Uncle in Soweto

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